Sunday, September 26, 2004


The main reason for people wanting to got the Netherlands, as far as I can see, is to see the windmills (or windmolens). I have now seen about 10 of the 1180 on offer here, so consider myself a bit of an expert, which is why I'm considering joining TIMS. Not only will I get two copies of the Newsbulletin a year, I'll get a copy of any new volumes of Bibliotheca Molinologica. For those of you that are curious, the TIMS website tells us that:

The term "molinology" was first coined by the Portuguese Joao Miguel dos Santos Simoes at the first International Symposium on Molinology in 1965 to define the study of mills.
It seems to me that it doesn't take a genius to coin the term "molinology" if they're at a Symposium on Molinology at the time. The word is obviously related to "molen" and "moulin", as in The Moulin Rouge. Hopefully, by the time I get home I will be well versed in molinology. I only have 1170 more to find. Perhaps I'll live in one when I'm older. I've compiled an extensive list of famous people who lived in a windmill, thus proving that it is the route to fame and possible fortune: The people of The Moulin Rouge Mathematician George Green Jonathan Creek The family in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


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