Friday, September 24, 2004

A State of Mind

What's this? Another post? On the same day? Surely not! Well it seems that contrary to the impression given Mr Freeman, such a thing is actually possible. Then again, I'm new to this Blogging lark. A naive upstart with too much confidence and enthusiasm. By the end of the week I'll probably have been reduced to updating once a month (on average) . So to the point of the post, for I didn't write this just to show up Guy. To do that properly, this has to be a 100% genuine post, containing some vaguely relevant or interesting nugget of information. And a link of course. The link is to the company that produced the documentary A State of Mind about a North Korean dancing team. I watched the documentary (with fellow flat 2-ites) when it was on T.V. a few months ago and thought it was incredible. Then, while watching Dutch TMF (The Music Factory) just a few days ago, I saw Faithless's video to I Want More, which is composed purely of clips from the documentary. It's a great video. So good in fact that I can't remember anything about the song. The video can be seen by following the link on the Koryo site. Though for reasons I won't go in to (because it will make me very angry), I have been unable to get the video to work. I hope you have better luck. The Koryo group also helps make guide books for tourists, so if you ever fancy a trip, you know who to turn to. Showing Guy how it's done since the 23rd September 2004, Petre


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