Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Best Netherlander

Who is the greatest Netherlander? And more importantly, how many famous Netherlanders can you name? For some hints check out the 200 nominations, provided by the Dutch T.V network KRO. For those who don't understand Dutch and have no ability to guess at the most obvious of translations (but perhaps can guess less obvious translations), the link you want is 'Nominatielijst'. I think I 'know' about 18 of them, though I half recognise the names of a few others. I don't recognise Hadewych or Viktor en Rolf and have to wonder what position they'll come. For more about Anne Frank's inclusion: In other, completely unrelated, news: The crackdown on Plastic Bag users: In conclusion: Best Netherlander: M. C. Esher Best Plastic Bag: The sandwich bag


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you will now know the meaning of pain

10/07/2004 08:41:00 pm  

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