Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Healthy Eating (and Drinking)

Being the beneficent person that I am, I've scoured the internet (well, the BBC News website) for a comprehensive guide to what to eat (mainly drink, as it happens) to protect you against various ills. You may wonder about the wisdom of restricting myself to a single source of advice, but I think I've come up with a fairly balanced and easy-to-stick-to diet. To protect against: Alzheimer's: Parkinson's: Cancer: Osteoporosis: Heart disease: Heart attacks: Heart attack damage: Tooth decay: General bad health: Pretty much anything: In contrast, be warned: My featured wikipedia page this week (and perhaps ever) is: I found it while trying to prove to some Dutch people that Van Helsing was (in the book at least) a Dutch Doctor. I also found a long and slightly bizzare list of fictional things, which includes links to a list of fictional characters predominantly seen wearing sunglasses, a list of fictional mixed drinks and a list of Jewish superheros, among much else. Reporters Without Borders have released their third worldwide press freedom index. The countries that comes first are all notably excellent, especially: Denmark, Iceland and the Netherlands. The USA came joint 22nd with Belgium. The UK came a disappointing joint 28th with Hungary and El Salvador. Surprisingly, North Korea came last. Even after that State of Mind documentary and everything. And to finish, I once again have to mention a recent death (this is becoming worryingly frequent). In this case it is, of course, John Peel, who seemed to me, to be a great bloke as well as being incredibly important to British music. I was surprised at just how shocked and upset I was when I read the news. For a slightly different link:


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