Saturday, October 23, 2004

Look Around You To Return

Some excellent news from the BBC comedy blog: Look Around You (LAY) will be returning some time soon and will feature rubbish computer games. You can even write the rubbish game yourself if you can do that sort of thing and floow the B3ta link. I don't why I have been to before. I went today and it's excellent if very strange, as you might expect. It uses little popups in a very different way to the normal annoying adverts. Wikipedia has quite a good article on Donnie Darko including quite a helpful explanation of the film and lots of links. And a BBC news story, because it's traditional. A novel way of trying to get people to vote: A choice quote from the above article: "voting and sex are two ways you can participate in being an American. " Do you really need to participate in being an American? I know most people don't.


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