Wednesday, November 17, 2004

And the Winner is...

A while back I exclusively revealed that Dutch T.V station KRO were holding a Top Dutch Person Contest and I'm sure everyone is on tenterhooks to know who won. Well unfortunately it wasn't Escher as I predicted, but the infamous Pim Fortuyn. All you need to know about Mr Fortuyn, which is mentioned in every article about him is that he was an openly gay, right wing, anti-immigration, Dutch politician who was assassinated nine days before the 2002 general election by an animal rights activist. His un-liberal and therefore un-Dutch policies shook up politics in the Netherlands and seem to have been the start of declining tolerance here. Or maybe I'm completly wrong. Honourable mention should to go to Antonie van Leeuwenhoek at number four, if only for being a scientist. Anne Franks who is technically not Dutch despite the the efforts of KRO, came eigth. Rembrandt beat van Gogh. HOPE, the Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment has offered to swap CDs by Ashless Simpson (whoever she is) for CDs of proper music. An excellent idea, even if does mean that they end up with a lot of CDs they don't want. Talking of great music, Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone has been voted the Greatest Song. Eminem did surprisingly well too. Taxing Texts: the future. Posh Crisp: also the future. Toast on Ebay: for nearly $100m. That's enough news for now.


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