Saturday, November 20, 2004

Deadly Churches and the End of the World

The Dutch have found yet another reason not to go church: you could end up closer to God than you'd like. The air in some churchs it seems is more polluted than "air beside roads travelled by 45,000 vehicles daily". This seems quite a specific measurement of pollution. A number (230) of 14-year olds thought they were going meet God sooner than they wanted when their headmaster tried to make them enjoy life by telling them an asteroid was on it way. For some reason, some of the children became a little unhappy. Which just goes to show that they're not prepared for the rapture. Remember: this time it was a poorly thought out spoof by a mad Mancunian. Next time it could be for real. Which reminds me about Lembit Opik. What are Dutch researchers doing when they're not measuring polycyclic hydrocarbons in churches and beside roads travelled by 45,000 vehicles daily? Taking photos, that's what. Not just any photos mind, but 2,500 Megapixel pictures. The picture is so detailed that you can clearly read the number plate of the cars that appear as a blurred smudge when the picture fills the screen. One of the red car parked on the left has the number plate PP-LR-79 if you're interested. There are lot of detail there. And the question in everyone's mouth: how many emails does William Gates get every day? Literally four million pieces apparently. Surprisingly, it's mainly spam and not personal correspondence. He has a whole literal department to filter it down to about ten pieces. There does seem much point him giving out his email address if the chance of an email reaching him is only 1 in 400,000. But maybe the filter doesn't filter randomly. Following on from the article in the Guardian about Bush which mentioned some assassins, there are even more angry people. Even the Dutch got involved, talking about the violence of Kerry supporters, which included some pie attacks on Ann Coulter.

In case you think pie attacks are funny, a Powerline reader from the Netherlands adds:

No, dear friends in America, the attack on Ann Coulter was certainly not funny. Here in the Netherlands we were immediately reminded of the pie attack on Pim Fortuyn, the Dutch anti-muslim leader. Few months after he was subjected to a pie attack, he was killed by people with the same ultra-left background. In retrospect, the pie attack was seen as a harbinger of the mortal attack on the man who should have been our prime-minister.

And least we forgot: Bonzo the clown got a pie in the face and twelve years later he was run over by a drunk driver (who probably had an ultra-left background).


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