Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Expensive Toast and Dolphin Saviours

The important stories from the week so far: A 10-year old piece of toast has been bought on eBay for $28,000 by a casino. If you missed out, the casino plans to sell it on in the future. I expect there will be a lot of copycat cookers out there trying to replicate the Virgin Mary likeness. In fact, you can buy a sandwich toaster that "may or may not reproduce the Virgin Mary image". Much like other sandwich toasters then. A group (pod?) of dolphins protected some swimmers in New Zealand from a great white shark. What a nice story. A Scottish company has made a JFK assassination 'game' to 'commemorate' the 41st anniversary. The Kennedy family are not happy. Apparently, the company does not consider their product a video game because "no imagination [was used] to create the scene." [Insert snide comment about unimaginative game developers here.] The RSPCA recommends feeding hamsters ketchup. Or something. Daylight helps babies to sleep. And thus prevents them from doing drugs as teenagers. Well, I thought it was interesting. Researchers (naturally) have found Britain's largest dinosaur. Or at least a fossil of one of its neck bones, which allows them (by some sort of conjury/science) to estimate that it was 20m long and 40-50 tonnes. Chocolate may help prevent coughs. The active compound is theobromine, which is also found in tea (which cures everything) and is a derivative of caffeine (which is a derivative of adenine, one of the bases of DNA). Capsaicin is apparently used by researchers to make people cough (we all have to relax somehow). I think it is also the compound in chilies that makes them hot. That must be why chocolate and chilies are such a good combination. I think codeine is closely related to heroin, but I could be wrong. Enough biochemistry for now I think. But while we're on the subject of science: The worst jobs in science, include cranks, nurses, and T.V. weatherpersons. Odd. One of the worst jobs in science (hey, great link), must be trying to convince certain Americans that evolution has a little evidence in its favour (or favor). Whoevers job it is now is doing well. According to a recent poll, now a whole third (or a third of a whole) of Americans say evolution is supported by the evidence. Another third believe the bible is the literal truth. God help us. Especially those evil evolution-believing sinners.


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