Saturday, July 05, 2003

Now I know I have a reputation for being a bit obsessed by money. Notwithstanding that this alleged quality could one day make me very rich, I decided to put this to the test of Truth (with the British Shield of Justice, as Jonathan Aitken rightly put it (before being sent to prison for lying, fine!)) with this "Bankrate's Financial Literacy Guide: Are you a cheapskate?" quiz. You can probably guess what I got, given that everyone in the world knows me better than myself (I'm so self-conscious I'm self-unconscious): Quote-on-quote [as they say in the dahling USofA] "Now, to your credit, in a time of rampant self-indulgence and instant gratification, you are willing to delay, deny and self-discipline. Kudos on your control. But consider: There is a point of diminishing returns, and you may have passed it several stoplights ago." Hmm. Well, I don't think I'm THAT bad! Just because, yes, I've waited 30minutes to make phone calls so they're off-peak, and even on occasions re-used a stamp doesn't make me a scrooge! I would give Tiny Tim some turkey I would! [And some tennis training if I had the time]. Please: tell me it's not true! I'll do anything! ANYTHING! Except give you money: what do you think I am? A millionaire?


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