Saturday, December 06, 2003

What are you scared of?

You've all asked for it, so here it is: A List Of All The Phobias. It would be churlish to mention a few of the weirder ones, so that's exactly what I'm going to do: Who on Earth came up with and/or complained of Algophobia (the fear of garlic), Geliophobia (the fear of laughter), or Logizomechanophobia (the fear of computers). Best of all, in your correspondent's humble if educated opinion, is Zemmiphobia, the fear of "the great mole rat". I think if I had that phobia, I'd be very confused. In every sense. Curiously, they don't have conophobia, the fear of having your money taken from you for false reasons by unscrupulous good-for-nothings -- like those who claim to be able to sort out your phobias in 24 hours. Indeed. [Am currently STILL working on the new site look! Apologies for not updating this blog more often, but I've had so much work for the last month or so. Now that term is over though, I should spend more time on the computer going to silly sites and coming up with detailed, if inconsequential, political ideas. Doesn't mean I will, mind. I just hope I do finish the new site in the next year, I mean 6 weeks. Yes.]


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