Friday, March 28, 2003

It being Friday and all, it's time to have a look at the latest NTK's less geeky content, which I like to call "NTK Lite". Verify that I'm not using their name in vain at, where you can also read their stories about things like CGI and XML, or something.
First up we have an excellent reproduction of an old anti-piracy advert. I love the art of it, and its retro coolness. Plus, of course, its amateurishness and the cringeworthy attempts to be cool, exacerbated by the passage of time. But those were the good old days, eh? Hmm...
Moving swiftly onwards onto NTK's wonderful expos�s of bloopers and net-ignorance, we have two (proverbial) crackers concerning the War On Iraq (Copyright USA 2003) [which will hereonin be referred to as the WoI], at and Fantastic. But we have to make fun of the anti-war lot too, for the sake of balance (and because they're wrong), so how about these Germans offering a download of a list of American companies to boycott, including Microsoft.. in Microsoft Word. Doh.
Other delectable bloopers this week include: the BBC overestimating the danger of a new virus ( and how astronomers study the skies in a rather more low-brow fashion nowadays (
Something else NTK is good at is finding the weirder things in life (and of course publicising them). For example, how about these products with unfortunate names?: "Splastic" at (amongst other hilarities), and the (in my opinion, superior, at least in ability to cause mirth) "Spazz", at Or what about this extreme attempt to win an "employee of the year" award? Or even this highly interesting, and pertinent, webcam, or America's (lack of) attempts to show that the WoI isn't religious in nature?
But special mention must go to, an improvement over Google, the (till-now) best search engine on the net. How is it better? Go to it and find out, natch. I'll wait... Welcome back! Genius, isn't it?
I think that's enough for now. Toodles.


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