Saturday, July 05, 2003

You know how in news reports some choice quotes from a Government study are aired, and then the whole thing is forgotten about? Well, I remember being particularly fascinated by a Cabinet Office study of what life satisfaction is and whether the state has any role to play in changing it. The aforementioned "choice quote" in this case is that Brits are just as happy as they were 30 years ago, and therefore [for don't talking heads know everything, after all?] the modern capitalist system is rubbish and we all need to be a community again (notwithstanding the fact we never were a community) and yada yada shmada. Anyway, I found the relevant report, and it's surprisingly interesting to read, if a little dry due to its being sourced from the Civil Service. There's even a historical and philosophical discussion of life satisfaction. Go already! Don't tell me you're so happy you don't need to know what it means?


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