Tuesday, December 16, 2003

The Official Radio Times Christmas Special

I really love Christmas. Yes, I do! Honestly. I ignore the carol singers, christmas trees, exorbitant retail prices and those confused "trick-or-treat"-ers who are still around. Instead, I just watch television, because at this time of year channels show their best programs, as well as their worst dross, both of which are extremely enjoyable experiences, unsubtle alliteration notwithstanding. To help me [and only me] find this far-out fare, the Legendary Radio Times publishes their Christmas Choices online! Yessir. Good-looking stuff includes "Louis and the Nazis" (curiously not involving an Oxford mathematician and some OUCA members), "Curb... Enthusiasm" (nuff said), and of course Am�lie on Christmas Day itself. Mmm... Am�lie...


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