Friday, July 02, 2004

Guy's super-duper weblog, and its resurgence

Now that I think I've truly tweaked this blog to near-perfection (apart from the actual content, which I might outsource), I should explain what's going on, and what it all means. If time is short though [and it is], I will only write about what the new system is, and what further improvements to the network I want to make. Firstly, let's start with this blog. It's now hosted on, for stability of URL and because it's just easier to separate out publication of this and the rest of [Official Best Site On The Net, apparently]. I admit that I didn't design the outlook from scratch like the last incarnation, but rather got an off-the-hook template and changed it a little. On the left are the profiles of the team (which currently consists of me/Guido and Peter/Petre, the latter waiting for the right moment to strike with an historically important comment) [if you want a little titillation, ladies who are heterosexual and gentlemen who aren't, click through to my profile, and enjoy the picture... all the ex's kept complimenting me on how "interesting" and "haggard" I looked, you understand], and below that are the useful lists of recent posts and archived posts, the all-important RSS feed, links to the other sites, and pretty pictures which you can ignore. Further, apart from the fonts, colours and other superficial appearance characteristic (henceforth to be referred to as SACs) having changed, there's now a so-called Permalink to each post so another NTK-esque incident will now be permanently damaging to my health. At each of these Permalinks, a link to make comments is available, so use it! If you want to make comments, that is. Secondly, there is now a link to my other blog at, which is where I'll lyrically wax about funny pictures and opinion-provoking links from now on. Hence, this blog will be for serious pontificating, jokes, and possibly the occasional news on my personal life [though I hope to keep that to a minimum]. Do check out both of them, if only because I just asked you to. Clever, right? So they say. Lastly, but most importantly (certainly for the future) is the great-grandmother of it all,, which will have no broken links, has already been moved to a new host [, who seem surprisingly nice for a free host], and lots of fab content about subjects that have nothing to do with each other except that they're fab. In a good way. Much to look forward to. A new, a new Britain. Vote for Guy! And come back soon. Thank you. PS. If you've bought a gmail account off me recently, I hope you're happy with it. Googlemail kicks ass! And isn't too bad either.


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