Sunday, December 25, 2005

From the heart of Staffs: Warning not to put fat down sink

Goddamn, the water company must have too much time on its hands . (I sympathise). [Sorry about the rubbish paragraphing scheme, but I didn't choose it. My apology does not mean I am liable for any damage it might cause]:

Severn Trent is warning people not to pour turkey fat down the sink this Christmas as it could block drains, causing flooding and pollution.Its message for the festive period is to bag it and bin in.The company has to deal with 25,000 blockages every year with an increasing number over Christmas.Experts say another way of getting rid of fat, which would feed birds at the same time, is to mix it with nuts and seeds and hang it in the garden.

The last paragraph there, as well as being commendable for being longer than one line long, is notable for actual passing on a novel yet plausible fact. Write it down kids.

My job here is done. Merry Crimbo.


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