Tuesday, April 29, 2003

A brilliant (in every sense bar sparkling) blog that I have stumbled upon: USS Clueless, a highly pretentious, self-indulgent, and extremely intelligent blog. Like mine, but less so. Still, at least his (I assume it's a man, but I don't remember on what I based this: knowledgable blog-surfers, prove me wrong if you dare!) blog has been around for years. I agree with much of his "self-explanation" pages (accessible from "Best Log entries" and "Manifesto"), especially his "I'm a 'conservative' because I'm a liberal" schpiel, and especially the two tenets of believing that "the single most fundamental right of humans, and the one we should be most wary of trying to infringe, is the right of free thought and free expression", and "that society works best when it imposes as few constraints on individual choice is possible, consistent with fulfilling other competing public benefits such as maintaining a reasonable degree of public safety", yet he's brave enough to claim to not be a "libertarian" or indeed a "Liberal". Good on you sir! Your rejection of stupid (and even not-so-stupid) labels is to be respected.
But something still niggles: he seems a little too certain of his views (for doesn't he believe not only in the freedom to make mistakes, but also the high possibility of making mistakes?); and in a weird way, a lack of real scepticism. Where are the statistics? Where is the science (physical or metaphysical)? That is why, for example, I'm an agnostic, and very scared of supporting anything too strongly apart from science and democracy. But I think I'm right to have made this decision for "maximal indecisiveness", because we must never forget that we are only humans, and our experience is a tiny fraction of the rest of humanity's. Also, he doesn't have enough links, or non-diatribes. I aspire, I'm starting to realise, to make this blog like his, but better: better graphics, a more coherent "ideology/strategy", and better "foundations" (including an FAQ, manifesto and maybe biography would be a start), but most importantly of all, just make it in my image. Maybe in a couple of years I'd have had three million visitors to this site. Or maybe not... [smiles enigmatically]. Just watch this space, would you? It might run away, you see.


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