Friday, April 11, 2003

Wondered why there's no good new films out this week? Yep, it's highly likely that's it's the WoI affecting us in yet another way. But let's for a second consider the possibility that maybe every other films' distributors were simply so appalled by the monstrosity that is "Seeing Double", the latest in the long list of multi-media SClub vehicles (and according to rumours, the last one) that they felt that they had to put commercial pressures aside and simply boycott the cinema industry for a week for even considering showing this barely-"film". Why do the pop stars bother when so few films featuring pop artists have worked? The Guardian has written an excellent article on the subject, which while not satisfactorily answering the question (beyond claiming ego and greed to be the reasons), gives lots of good examples. I didn't realise they made a film they were ashamed of! Howbouthat?


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