Sunday, April 06, 2003

We interrupt normal service to bring you this notice.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to, the site and brand representing all that is amateur and non-techy on the net. It is written by someone with no idea. All I'm trying to do is create a little community spirit for the mathematicians of my college at Oxford, and my friends and acquaintances, and also to stake my (admittedly not well-founded) claim to a piece of Cyberia. Still, now that you're here, you might as well look around! Get a glimpse into the workings of my mind, and feel scared and/or fascinated. Any ideas on what the hell to do with my domain will be much appreciated.
Enjoy your stay,
Guy Freeman
PS. If you DO look at the pictures section, I'd like to tell you that I look much better in real life. I'm just not photogenic, is all. Also, feel free to save the film of Louis drinking Houmous Water and send it to long-lost relatives. I'm sure they'd love that.
PPS. Don't be scared: add something to my messageboard. Most useful would be a message, but mostly anything else would be fine.


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