Tuesday, May 13, 2003

So only 40% of Spaniards have lost their virginity in "a bed", whilst 25% had their first sexual experience in a car? [Source: The Guardian] Apart from the obvious reactions to this (and I'm not including in this category the idea of giving hotel discount vouchers to "amorous youths", the inspiration for the article), one has to wonder if it's the same in other countries in Europe, and whether people might just prefer to do it out of bed because it's more erotic, and not, as the Guardian puts it uncharacteristically prudishly, because of "traditional, non-consenting parents". (This can't be true if only because I don't think they'd ask their parents!). Maybe, even, most people are against the proposal not because it's a stupid idea (and it is: are they suggesting that when a couple wants to copulate they pick up a voucher from a pharmacy immediately beforehand?), but because the current situation provides certain voyeuristic opportunities. Cynical? Moi? Never...


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