Monday, May 12, 2003

Woah, it's been almost a week since my last post. Not that anyone should care... If you do, please stop it now. Thank you.
Thanks to the human-entity that is Peter I have absolutely loads of good lynks (as he called a sub-batch of these) which I will put up. Although he is the first non-self Official, he's a bit shy (or more likely just overwhelmed by my sheer blogging abilities [in a good or bad way I can't say]) and so I'll put these up (as well as his off-the-cuff comments, if he doesn't wish otherwise) just as soon as I've made sure they're top quality, which I'm sure they are. Excuse me for a few minutes, would you? [Turns around]
Just because I've been here for three hours doesn't mean I looked at all of these: I get distracted by "tangential issues" (ie. irrelevant things) too easily. But now at least I'll be able to just come back here and access these sites from here, instead of the ugly email interface that my wonderful university provides. So here they are, probably in a strange font. Enjoy them all! If you don't, send them in their original packaging and I'll send you a refund.
Oh, and Peter: don't be scared. Be very afraid... That's not right, is it? Oh yeah, and keep up the good work. - this one goes to the top to show I'm right about Weakest link and monopoly - I want this book. -- [Update: Utterly weird and wonderful collection of rubbish. Inspired if insane] -- [Update: A very pointless ghost site, offering an auction of lots of vote-type domain names, and a database of people's details. Nice. Still pointless, though, because the auction happened a long, long time ago.. Ah well, the voyeuristic thrill of seeing a site going through bankruptcy is always fun] -- [Update: Appears to be a (IMPORTANT: fake) satirical card game, but it has a seemingly fully functional store and forum. The "tour" of what cards are available is very funny nonetheless]
That's it, I think. Thanks for watching! Or listening. Whatever. Go now. Shoo. Come back tomorrow.


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