Saturday, July 05, 2003

I promised to Peter to put up all the links he has sent to me up on this site, and so am now in the process of doing so. Most, if not all, if not none, are very high in the worthy-clickage sense, and are therefore worthy of being clicked on. If anyone manages to click on all of them, they should tell me their name and age, and not only will I put up their name on the superinterweb so they can be rich and famous like me, but I will send them a specially-designed official badge! (Subjects to availibility, which at the moment is non-existent). To sweeten the saccharine pill, I shall provide a picture at the end of it all. Would you like that? I knew you would. Peter's glorious, glorious links The picture: A picture Hope it satisfies like nothing else... Just don't ask me what it means.


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