Tuesday, December 23, 2003

An interesting place indeed

Now people who know me [and I would say hi, but neither of them talk to me any more] are aware that I complain all the time about, amongst other things, people going to boring countries for their holidays. People from the UK (ie. me) generally view Spain and France to be examples of "boring countries", in the sense that too many people go to them. [Erm, hopefully not circular logic]. Well, here's an idea for those of you that agree with me: Somakit! This island off the coast of Alaska has been liberalising over the last few years, and now has a website on the internet, which, unsurprisingly, I have linked to. Go and read its travel guide and history especially! It sounds like a fascinating place. Does anyone know someone who's already been there? Are you, maybe, one of the first people to have travelled there?! So there you go: there is still somewhere truly exotic and mysterious in this day and age! Doesn't that warm the cockles of your heart? Don't answer that.


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