Sunday, March 07, 2004

BBC - Derby - University - Design student makes a mint with Polo inspired pullover

In preparation for the site overhaul, which will include a page on the godly Polo Mints, I found from my exhaustive research the following vignettes about them from, of all people, BBC Derby. Respect. Although the story is about a shirt apparently [though inexplicably and, to be honest, tangentially] inspired by (ommm!) Polos winning a competition. All very Local. Show the facts, Sam! OK, I'll do it: "The Polo mint is 54 years old this year [this was in 2002, so presumably it'll be 56 this year]. Two tonnes of polo mints are produced each hour in York at the Nestle factory. Two thirds of Polo purchasers are women whilst pensioners account for a quarter of all sales. Polos are an official Kosher food since Nestle replaced animal based steric acid with a vegetable version" They're good ones, aren't they? Now, just to salivate your appetite as only I [and your stomach(s)] know how, here is a no-doubt copyrighted picture of (praise be!) Polos [though the company I got this from charges �9.60 for one packet of (hubba hubba) Polos, so I'm going to rip them off too]: Ommm! Polos!


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