Saturday, March 06, 2004

Classic '80s Games [or not so classic, as it turns out]

Remember all those brilliant games from your youth, or that of your parents, or your children, or your neighbour, or indeed your milkman? No, I'm not talking about Risk or Monopoly [if you used telepathy you'd have realised that without me having to tell you, thereby saving me valuable time! You're so selfish], or indeed the weekly joy of trying to cancel the order for oranges (is that right?), but rather about video games from the 80s, like Pacman, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and the superb Asteroids. Well, you can utilise your space-age technology, capable of running complex games with photo-realistic graphics, to play these games again! Much like having a purely sexual affair with your first-ever girlfriend after meeting her again after a break of 20years whilst being married to a wonderful, clever, funny woman who loves discussing nuclear physics and existentialism. Continuing with this wholly inappropriate and shocking metaphor though, you soon find out that the sex is not as good as you remember it. I was going to write more, but for the first time in my life I've just realised how much I'm humiliating myself. Anyway, go away and play [or, perhaps, go and play away? No. No, I don't advocate that]. Classic '80s Games : Play Now! If you want. I'm not forcing you.


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