Monday, January 02, 2006

ECB: Educational

Hey kids, did you ever wonder why those paper notes with the Queen's head / Lincoln's head / European bridges allow you to buy CDs, even though you actually download music illegally for free? Well now the European Central Bank, which controls your lives using psychokinesis and a flat yield curve, has the answer. It involves a purple monster, by the looks of it. All very teutonic. Those killjoys at the Mises Institute might think it's all nonsense, but then they don't argue their point of view in Estonian, or even Danish. They also don't make their material available exclusively in PDF form (because - oh yes kids! - this stuff will come to a school near you anyway very soon!). No, I didn't view the "eight-minute animated film". I'd rather eat 1.6 cigarettes. If you do it, though, tell me how it goes. Cheers! I should make this into a regular series, but I'm worried you won't like having the same link provided every month or whatever. Spoiltsports [sic].


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