Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Good evening people. Sorry about the late hour of this update: do you think I don't have a life or something? Well, granted, I don't, but that's besides the point. Anyway, first up today is the probably-famous-but-I-don't-remember-ever-going-to-it SHOUTcast. This site is absolutely mind-blowing (in a good way, not like with a gun): it's essentially a directory of lots and lots of free streaming "radio stations", under pretty much any genre under the sun (and perhaps also within it, I'm not at liberty to say), including the expected ones like pop, R&B and classical, and unexpected ones like one giving prophecies, or something. And no, no-one was listening to that one. Well worth a look, and a listen to of course! I'm currently listening to PureDJ.com, if you're interested. A little house never did no-one no harm (triple negatives notwithstanding, not).
Also on my Good Site list is AtomFilms.com, which, initially disbelievingly, I read was a site with free films on it. Thinking that, if true, the "free films" are awful student nonsense, I clicked on the link. How wrong was I? (Did you guess "Very"? Give yourself 10points). Very wrong. This is a veritable treasure trove of free short films, some of which have won awards at indie festivals, and all of which are very professional. It's even got that film, Creature Comforts! You know, the one with the animals speaking? Possibly associated with British Gas? Anyway, you'll enjoy that site. I know what you're like.


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