Saturday, May 17, 2003

So six monkeys can't write Shakespeare? (BBC NEWS | UK | England | Devon | No words to describe monkeys' play). Well, how about monkeys who can type out a third-order approximation of Shakespeare's plays? Would that work? Hmm?!
Oh, and a few criticisms of this "experiment", if I may: firstly, it hasn't been proved that an infinite amount of monkeys could not write Shakespeare, as there were only six monkeys, which is a poor sample size.
Secondly, it hasn't even been proved that six monkeys couldn't write Shakespeare, as they only had the experiment once, and maybe there were certain factors aggravating their abilities during the experiment.
Thirdly, (and I say this as someone who believes extremely strongly in the predictive powers of science), you can't prove anything, so to say the " 'infinite monkey' theory is flawed" is science at its worst.
Fourthly, and lastly: what a complete waste of time and money.
Unless the whole thing is an elaborate hoax (and I pray it is), the lack of irony and the fact the (taxpayer-funded) Arts Council gave �2000 is an indictment on the honour of all those taking part. Maybe I should make an application to "research the cultural and physical dynamics and influences of computer games published in 2003", for which I will of course need a new computer. Anyone willing to donate? It's for a good cause!


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