Wednesday, July 09, 2003

If I had to choose right now which country I'd like to spend the next year in, I think Sweden would have to be one of the top three choices for me [BBC country profile of Sweden, CIA country profile of Sweden, which curiously disagree of whether it has high unemployment or not]. It is rich but happy, educated and beautiful, peaceful and cultured. Just read the profiles and weep. Even America has a hard job matching up to Sweden. So I say: viva Sweden! Or as the beautiful Swedes themselves would put it: "J�g �lskar Sverige"! [Many thanks to a cute, if functional in its style, English-Swedish-English dictionary, and a certain Swedish person I know who shows what's best about their motherland by being an excellent person] No, I mean it: Sweden is a good country. I know I like Finland too, but after their excellently named female prime minister had to resign due to a corruption scandal, Sweden just does it for me. Also, someone from Sweden has visited this site more often than me over the last few days; whoever they are, this is for them too. In conclusion: The lovely and immensely moving Swedish flag


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