Sunday, August 24, 2003

Sometimes I come across a great idea and wonder why I didn't think of it first (because as you should know almost always whenever a great idea occurs to someone I had already thought of it beforehand, even if I didn't know it), and is one of the best ideas I hadn't thought of beforehand, ever. It's rather simple actually: you see a book in a bookshop (as you do), and check its price. It's �15.99. It's almost always �15.99. And you wonder, (as you regularly do), "How much would this book be on Amazon, I wonder?". If you are technologically-minded, then you might connect to Amazon via your WAP phone, or even a wi-fi laptop (in which case I have to point out I recommend you look like an idiot). Txtbux offers an ingenious solution: finding out the Amazon price via SMS. You merely text them the book's ISBN for the price of a normal text (which will be nothing if you get a monthly allowance of texts), and for free they text back the required information, as well as emailing you it, and keeping the book on a list on your bit of their website. Absolutely brilliant, and there's no catch whatsoever. The way they make money is through the affiliate system, so if you do use them to search for a book, please buy it by clicking on the link on their site. The cost to you will be the same, but Amazon will give a percentage to txtbux. And that's it really. I think it's only available to UK customers, though I'm not sure; and it would be nice to one day have access to more online booksellers, or for txtbux to send the cheapest price. But even so, this is undeniable a Very Good Idea. Do try it out.


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