Saturday, July 26, 2003

Now I know you like a good drink: who doesn't? [Plus I know you, as visiting this website or having the potential to visit this website allows me to watch your every move. So be careful]. But do you actually know anything about your tipple? In what is likely to be a very short series of posts, I will look at websites that give you all the information you ever needed about particular types of alcoholic beverages, and possibly more. Today, (Mary), I will consider "lager"s. For prepatory research, go to google and type in "lager", before clicking on "I'm Feeling Lucky" [due to the relevant website being the first one that comes up in the search]. Read it, experience it if you're in that mood, and then come back here. If you can't remember all the instructions, I recommend you print this page out, � la Microsoft. (If you don't know what I'm on about, you're not alone. But just this once, I'll explain my 'joke' [which is itself a joke, I know]: go to any Help article in any Microsoft program, and it'll almost invariably ask you to print it out. Are they in cahoots with paper manufacturers? The BBC's "The Office" has a lot to answer for in that case). Done that? Good. Come back tomorrow for an update.


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