Saturday, August 02, 2003

It does seem slightly surreal at first, but, after reading about it on the BBC news site (in the context of Rolf Harris's birthday bash, no less!), and then going to the "Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts" website, it appears that it is a fact that a certain Mr. Russell Crowe is a member of the aforementioned band. In case you are not fully au fait with the world of show-business, Mr. Crowe is an extremely successful Hollywood actor who hails from Down Under. And, not only can he act very well (and write poetry less well), he is part of a band. Hmm. Extremely curious. The profile of him is very understated, to say the least. There's no mention whatsoever of his film acting career, and his general acting career is only hinted at. The profile even seems to finish in 1987, which was before the age of the web, so they can't argue they never update the site (which is quite slick actually). Anyway, I'm sure all you ladies want a picture of the hunk, so it follows this paragraph. Before that though, what is with the name of the band? It strikes me as pretentious, which of course Mr. Crowe never is! Its former moniker, being Roman Antix, is much better. Perhaps if you're reading this Russell, take it as a suggestion from a mere fan that you should revert the band's name to its former one. Oh, and well done with the Oscars! "Beautiful Mind" was top-notch, and I say that as a student of maths. Keep up the good work, won't you?


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