Sunday, August 10, 2003

I know I haven't written anything new to my blog for a while (this blog, natch). I know this, because I am a conscious, relatively intelligent being -- but you probably already knew that, because it is safe to assume you are a conscious, relatively intelligent being [though maybe "conscious" is putting it strongly; you are constantly on the internet, aren't you? Go outside, for crying out loud! Unless you are outside, or you're allergic to other people, in which case, merely glance at the picture which comes at the end of this post]. The problem, basically, is two-fold (or alternatively, there are two problems, not folded). The first problem (or fold) is that I just haven't felt compelled to post anything I've seen on the net. Well, the principle is intact, but nothing I've seen has passed the Threshold of Action which makes me put stuff here. I'm not denying there have been weird people doing weird things, or really annoying people doing extremely annoying things -- but they just haven't been weird or annoying enough. It must be the weather. The second problem is that I'm working on adding a new portal which will link to this veritable, honourable weblog, my Personal Affairs weblog (not as exciting as it sounds to those who are unfamiliar with it), and new sections which are currently under wraps, mainly because I don't have the faintest idea what they should be yet. Stick around, because can only go up from here! [It certainly can't go down]


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