Thursday, July 15, 2004

MSN anywhere at last!

Why is it so difficult to find the best things in life sometimes? Even the might of Google didn't help for a long time. Basically, the problem was simple: to be able to use MSN Messenger on my phone or on my desktop at work (the latter after-hours only, of course!). Simple, you'd think. In fact, I was sure Microsoft had already implemented a solution. But no, it wasn't to be; or if it was, they were hiding its existence very well. After signing up for MSN-Messenger-by-SMS, which is plainly both rubbish and potentially expensive (though this was hard enough to find on their site), I just knew that there has to be a way of accessing it by WAP or GPRS. And here it is: Enjoy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi im with you hey. @ my skewl all the good sites are blocked. i mean seriously. havent you heard of fun? anyways yer everything from hotmail to myspace to bebo to msn. Everything its pATHETIC

5/22/2007 05:03:00 am  

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