Saturday, March 27, 2004

Games, games, games! [In triplicate anything is right and proper]

Ah, I am relaxed again! No, I didn't take narcotics (though that gives me an idea... mm polos), but rather played two games which you, yes you can also play, whose URLs are written down below. On some modern browsers, you should be able to click on the URLs themselves to go to what they Locate. Try it and see. [Of course, I should give credit where it's due (if only for legal reasons), so thank you .net mag for, apart from providing an excellent magazine and an always-readable newsletter (not least because it's not in HTML: keep it that way guys and girls! Yes, it seems less passionate, but it's safer, and the beauty more powerful), providing the links I pass on to the world in my .net-inspired kindness. Perhaps you'd like to feature my site in your newsletter now?] First up, yet another version of the genre of games dubbed 'pingu', but the best I've seen so far. Maybe I should create a page containing all publically-available pingu games? Maybe you should stop dreaming so much. Second up, [a bona fide, logically valid phrase that], a mildly diverting game from (though confusingly, .net haven't linked to the version. Goddamn you .net! God Damn you! Will you feature my site in your newsletter now?). Have fun kids.


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