Friday, April 08, 2005

The Pope copes on the slope with a hope, and then dies

Well done Blogger on being offline so often recently! You're almost on the internet as little as me nowadays. Anyway, nice to be with you again. Continuing the one-post trend that involves Controversial and Current Important and Topical People, I write to ask: who could care less about the Pope dying? Apart from Catholics, necrophiles, tax inspectors, and so on. Brave of me, I know. But really, the amount of coverage given over to him would indicate that he was our head of state; the content of the coverage suggests he's the head of state of a Catholic theocracy much bigger than just the Vatican. It's all said better by Christopher Hitchens, who clearly likes the sound of his own typing, but it's forgivable because the sound of his writing is always good [Fired - Retired PC Gamer Ed]. It's said better just, about.. here!: Phew, I thought that would never end. Normal service will resume never.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're so right. Itwas so tiering to hear again and again, for so many days, the same things about the popes life, as though he was the only news item at that time. Also, as I know, this country is Anglican, and at sometime in the past suffered because of the Catholic church, and got rid of it. I couldn't understand the nonstop coverage about him.

4/19/2005 06:25:00 pm  

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