Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Cheesiest movie moments

Might as well have another frilly, fluffy, trivial link... They are my specialty, after all! So head over to the Guardian [not using BBC News for this one so you can't accuse me of bias.. Though I'm hardly a Grauniad fan either. Oops, another typo? Never mind, eh] (or try here, as the previous link seems to have gone on a wildcat strike, like everyone else in this bloody country. Ooh, I'm witty when I'm mad, I am) for their article that basically plagiarises a different publication's list of cheesiest ever movie moments. Bet the trainee who had to write it up really wishes they were a lawyer now. Hey, why don't you ask them yourself? Just as soon as I find out their email address... Make sure you tell them who referred you! Without me, the Dianarug wouldn't exist. Anyway, the list itself: quite thought-provoking as far as it goes, but too focused on modern films, which blatantly aren't the Golden Age of Cheesy Moments in Movies. Perhaps we should make our own? That'll be just me, then. On which note, this website is facing a major overhaul [its third one, gfreeman.co.uk fact fans and Official Historian!], as rumoured for many moons. It should include a new portal/splash screen, pages dedicated to good people who are underestimated and overlooked (and maybe I'll dedicate a few pages to vice versas, so even Michael Moore might get a section) [oh dear, almost lost the whole post! God bless Ctrl C and Ctrl V], and general madness things I'll come up with arbitrarily. Once someone actually visits my site, I might even welcome suggestions! Don't bet on it though. For now, Guido Fremano The Legend Behind The Sofa