Saturday, March 27, 2004

Games, games, games! [In triplicate anything is right and proper]

Ah, I am relaxed again! No, I didn't take narcotics (though that gives me an idea... mm polos), but rather played two games which you, yes you can also play, whose URLs are written down below. On some modern browsers, you should be able to click on the URLs themselves to go to what they Locate. Try it and see. [Of course, I should give credit where it's due (if only for legal reasons), so thank you .net mag for, apart from providing an excellent magazine and an always-readable newsletter (not least because it's not in HTML: keep it that way guys and girls! Yes, it seems less passionate, but it's safer, and the beauty more powerful), providing the links I pass on to the world in my .net-inspired kindness. Perhaps you'd like to feature my site in your newsletter now?] First up, yet another version of the genre of games dubbed 'pingu', but the best I've seen so far. Maybe I should create a page containing all publically-available pingu games? Maybe you should stop dreaming so much. Second up, [a bona fide, logically valid phrase that], a mildly diverting game from (though confusingly, .net haven't linked to the version. Goddamn you .net! God Damn you! Will you feature my site in your newsletter now?). Have fun kids.

Friday, March 26, 2004

"Shaun of the Dead" trailer, and tangential grievances aired

So I've found one at last! Like a gazelle that is rare, this trailer of the first ever romzomcom film is, erm, rare. And beautiful. And goes very well with red or white one [any opinions on which goes better for either gazelle or trailer would be most welcome]. Took me so bloody long to blog the link though that I wonder why I bother sometimes. Bloody computers. I'm certainly not getting involved in any RSS or Wiki nonsense until they depend only on humans, because at least they're accountable. Of course I'm not a Luddite ["some of my best friend are computers"], but I am merely pointing out how rubbish computers are at so much. Maybe this wasn't tangential after all? Oh, it was. Ah well.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

BBC - Derby - University - Design student makes a mint with Polo inspired pullover

In preparation for the site overhaul, which will include a page on the godly Polo Mints, I found from my exhaustive research the following vignettes about them from, of all people, BBC Derby. Respect. Although the story is about a shirt apparently [though inexplicably and, to be honest, tangentially] inspired by (ommm!) Polos winning a competition. All very Local. Show the facts, Sam! OK, I'll do it: "The Polo mint is 54 years old this year [this was in 2002, so presumably it'll be 56 this year]. Two tonnes of polo mints are produced each hour in York at the Nestle factory. Two thirds of Polo purchasers are women whilst pensioners account for a quarter of all sales. Polos are an official Kosher food since Nestle replaced animal based steric acid with a vegetable version" They're good ones, aren't they? Now, just to salivate your appetite as only I [and your stomach(s)] know how, here is a no-doubt copyrighted picture of (praise be!) Polos [though the company I got this from charges �9.60 for one packet of (hubba hubba) Polos, so I'm going to rip them off too]: Ommm! Polos!

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Classic '80s Games [or not so classic, as it turns out]

Remember all those brilliant games from your youth, or that of your parents, or your children, or your neighbour, or indeed your milkman? No, I'm not talking about Risk or Monopoly [if you used telepathy you'd have realised that without me having to tell you, thereby saving me valuable time! You're so selfish], or indeed the weekly joy of trying to cancel the order for oranges (is that right?), but rather about video games from the 80s, like Pacman, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and the superb Asteroids. Well, you can utilise your space-age technology, capable of running complex games with photo-realistic graphics, to play these games again! Much like having a purely sexual affair with your first-ever girlfriend after meeting her again after a break of 20years whilst being married to a wonderful, clever, funny woman who loves discussing nuclear physics and existentialism. Continuing with this wholly inappropriate and shocking metaphor though, you soon find out that the sex is not as good as you remember it. I was going to write more, but for the first time in my life I've just realised how much I'm humiliating myself. Anyway, go away and play [or, perhaps, go and play away? No. No, I don't advocate that]. Classic '80s Games : Play Now! If you want. I'm not forcing you.

Symantec Security Response - Irish Virus hoax

You hear nothing from me for almost two months, and then you realise there's cotton wool in your ears. Or it could just be that I didn't update the blog. You decide! Prizes to be decided on. In the meantime, chortle at the following Hoax Warning. Because it wasn't already obvious enough (tm). Symantec Security Response - Irish Virus hoax

Ask an expert : Question and its responses

How did someone get away with this? And why did they publish it? And just how much did my middle-class mind boggle? Maybe this is just a dream?... Go on, click on the link! Otherwise how will you know what I'm talking about? Tsk. Then tell me if it's a dream at Thank you. Ask an expert : Question and its responses

Google Search: guradian

Courtesy of the drunk people at NTK [redundant phrasage, I know]: searching on Google for web pages containing "guradian" -- from the Guardian website! Unsurprisingly, there are 5 'main' results. If only Google could search for factually incorrect pages on the Grauniad site! How useful that would be! It's good to be back.