Tuesday, December 23, 2003

The funniest Christmas 2003 roundup

This isn't it. Rather, this is. I have a lot of time for the Brains Trust, but not so much that I'm going to link to everything they do. They can do that themselves. But to that, I'll link. Oh, I just have. Well, I'll do it again. I have nothing better to do. As you're interested, my favourite part of it is "Stocking Fillers", during the reading of which I Laughed Out Loud, � la Brian Blessed. HELLO!

An interesting place indeed

Now people who know me [and I would say hi, but neither of them talk to me any more] are aware that I complain all the time about, amongst other things, people going to boring countries for their holidays. People from the UK (ie. me) generally view Spain and France to be examples of "boring countries", in the sense that too many people go to them. [Erm, hopefully not circular logic]. Well, here's an idea for those of you that agree with me: Somakit! This island off the coast of Alaska has been liberalising over the last few years, and now has a website on the internet, which, unsurprisingly, I have linked to. Go and read its travel guide and history especially! It sounds like a fascinating place. Does anyone know someone who's already been there? Are you, maybe, one of the first people to have travelled there?! So there you go: there is still somewhere truly exotic and mysterious in this day and age! Doesn't that warm the cockles of your heart? Don't answer that.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

The Official Radio Times Christmas Special

I really love Christmas. Yes, I do! Honestly. I ignore the carol singers, christmas trees, exorbitant retail prices and those confused "trick-or-treat"-ers who are still around. Instead, I just watch television, because at this time of year channels show their best programs, as well as their worst dross, both of which are extremely enjoyable experiences, unsubtle alliteration notwithstanding. To help me [and only me] find this far-out fare, the Legendary Radio Times publishes their Christmas Choices online! Yessir. Good-looking stuff includes "Louis and the Nazis" (curiously not involving an Oxford mathematician and some OUCA members), "Curb... Enthusiasm" (nuff said), and of course Am�lie on Christmas Day itself. Mmm... Am�lie...

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Is it a dream? Is it a miracle?? No, it's a potential clich�! And a new site.

Yes, my site has at last had an overhaul. At flipping last! And it was down to me! I did it all! Pretty much. It's 2am. I think I'm going to sleep now... Well, in the next three hours anyhow. Bunos Nitos, The Unopposed Corrupt CEO of gfreeman.co.uk, Guido Fremano

Saturday, December 06, 2003

What are you scared of?

You've all asked for it, so here it is: A List Of All The Phobias. It would be churlish to mention a few of the weirder ones, so that's exactly what I'm going to do: Who on Earth came up with and/or complained of Algophobia (the fear of garlic), Geliophobia (the fear of laughter), or Logizomechanophobia (the fear of computers). Best of all, in your correspondent's humble if educated opinion, is Zemmiphobia, the fear of "the great mole rat". I think if I had that phobia, I'd be very confused. In every sense. Curiously, they don't have conophobia, the fear of having your money taken from you for false reasons by unscrupulous good-for-nothings -- like those who claim to be able to sort out your phobias in 24 hours. Indeed. [Am currently STILL working on the new site look! Apologies for not updating this blog more often, but I've had so much work for the last month or so. Now that term is over though, I should spend more time on the computer going to silly sites and coming up with detailed, if inconsequential, political ideas. Doesn't mean I will, mind. I just hope I do finish the new site in the next year, I mean 6 weeks. Yes.]