Friday, February 18, 2005

10 things that could land your vicar in trouble, according to the BBC

Ah, at last! An article worth blogging (or strictly speaking, so good it's making me stop being lazy and actually share the excellent stuff I [and, more often, Petre] find). There are lots of crazy stories involving Christians at the moment (though I presume this moment has lasted about 2000 years), but this one has the advantage of including some statistics (though still no sample size or chi-squared test). It seems that even vicars don't believe in such fundamental Christian beliefs as, say, the Virgin Birth (27% don't think a virgin could have a baby, unreasonably remembering the definition that a virgin can't have had engaged in the process of sexual reproduction, except possibly when she herself was born), the Resurrection (33% not accepting it unquestioningly), or even God as a supernatural being (the only vicar dismissed for heresy in the 20th century). This is unfortunate, as heresy trials could be about to be, erm, resurrected. Or maybe it's fortunate, as it'll give Channel 4 another Reality TV idea, and one that even I might watch. An article as wittily and smartly written as this is worth reading in general, especially when it comes from the BBC, where the articles are sometimes so insipid I feel like I'm licking a bucket coated in candyfloss whilst reading them (to be fair, this is because I sometimes I am). Enjoy (sure, why not?, etc). BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | 10 things that could land your vicar in trouble