Thursday, July 29, 2004

And here's what to think (according to Peter) [updated due to Peter] (this is Peter's post in all but name)

[Updated after Petrecomments were provided... Maybe it's even better than it was previously!But then again, maybe not. Care to bet?] The highly elusive [to you the general reader anyway, in general] Petre has provided excellent (or certainly blog-worthy) material, which I produce below with no qualms, and with no editing, and with no further comment [except that I did correct one spelling mistake -- don't worry Peter, it was non-significant using the chi-square test!] [Update: apparently there was yet another spelling mistake.. Although undoubtedly the p-value is commensurately lower, I'm still not sure it's less than 0.05]: I particularly like the question: "What does it mean for the poor, disabled, the disadvantaged - people who are usually left out of the debate?" What are they on about? (Which is another question I like) In the article on how British debt has reach � trillion: In the Netherlands household debt is worth almost twice income, whereas in the UK it is substantially less. I like anything that mentions the Netherlands. Mainly for the picture, though the writing is somewhat interesting: On a related note: Pies: Harry and Economics: This may all be true, but it's so annoyingly written. Including: Before you were conceived, the probability of you ever existing was almost zero. After you were born, the probability was one - that is, it is a certainty. The thing to remember is that rare things happen all the time. The football effect? [Update: Unadulterated blogtasticness! No need to edit it or other such banalities]


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