Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Polo news incoming!

At last, a news story about a subject close to my heart. No, it's not an update on my lungs [though I promise that is coming soon]; rather, a court battle between the mighty Nestl´┐Ż and, erm, everyone else who makes sweets has ended over whether the former can copyright the general Polo shape, so that they would be able to market life-belts. Or something like that. http://media.guardian.co.uk/marketingandpr/story/0,7494,1270006,00.html Of course they lost, because it's idiotic. Or as the judge (Lord Mummery, should you wish to give him a tip) said, to his eternal credit:

This is an appeal concerning Polos, the mint with the hole in the middle. This is an appeal with a hole in the middle. It is dismissed.
Genius. God Bless Queen and Country, hurrah and huzzah for the fine legal justice system of this country! Only kidding -- that sort of embarrassing-dad humour [which I'm polishing up on myself] from judges is a one-off (sorry for the link to a Mortal Enemy Publication). As for the poem mentioned in the article which features polos "in a context more sexual than confectionery", I managed to track it down: http://www.stevebrown.clara.net/html/duffy/adultery.htm. The reference is subtle, but the poem is good. And the birds are singing. Hurrah (redux)! A page about Polos (of the Holy Mints variety, natch) is forthcoming. On this site. Yes. It is.


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