Friday, June 17, 2005

Send God a letter, but don't forget the stamp, apparently (Ha'aretz)

Just to prove that Israel is a land of peace, milk and craziness (honey having lost out to crisps in the confectionary market), a dimpled-cheek article about the Israeli Postal Authority's revised attitude to Letter to God (or Jesus or Santa Claus, as some people prefer) is going to be linked to from this article. The first paragraph is the best, so for your enjoyment, and to mess with the copyright laws, I reprint it here.. down a bit.. there:

An urban legend has been circulating in the Postal Authority for years about a letter to God that landed in the dead letter department. The postal employees decided to open it and found that a poor man had sent an emotional appeal to God to send him NIS 5,000 so he could celebrate an upcoming holiday properly. Touched, the postal workers decided to take up a collection for the man. They raised NIS 4,300 and sent it to the return address on the envelope. Two weeks later, another letter to God came from the man. This time when they opened it, they found a thank-you note. "I am so grateful that you answered my prayer," the man had written. "But next time, don't send the money through the mail - those postal workers stole NIS 700."
Source:Haaretz - Israel News - Send God a letter, but don t forget the stamp [Ha'aretz] I wonder why people don't send letters directly to the Temple Mount, or a chocolate factory, both places seemingly closer to God. Each to their own. Is this another post on my blog? Twice in one month? Twice in two days? Goodness. Give me some of the champagne.


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